Cymatic is a project born out of passion for innovation and ambition for modernity and new technologies. In 1960, Cymatic develops its first CYMA-KIT 072 hybrid circuit for black-and-white televisions. Ten years later, Cymatic makes colour televisions and expands its sales throughout the country.


Cymatic’s work both in technical research and in the aesthetic design of its products has turned the company into one of the leading corporations on the market. The technological development of its equipment and constant innovation and research brought forth a new related activity: the rental of audio-visual equipment for fairs, congresses and all kinds of events.

Cymatic’s premise is to offer customers the most advanced equipment and the best service. It is therefore constantly acquiring technical wealth, always wagering on new technologies and getting the most from their output.


Today Cymatic continues to grow, expanding its services with the inclusion of advice and design in the audio-visual area. One of Cymatic’s great driving forces is still technological and graphic innovation, incorporating new technologies to offer its customers an exclusive service. The success of your event is guaranteed!

world wide

AV Alliance is the global network of the main rental companies of audio-visual material for events. AV Alliance only admits companies that meet the strictest international standards. By selecting and periodically supervising its members, it guarantees customers absolute reliability and quality.


Quality Seal

All members of the AV Alliance:

· Use lighting, video and sound equipment and rigging.
· Offer engineering, installation, operation support and storage services.
· Can send offers in English.
· Offer lists of individual products, including descriptions and prices.
· Have technical support specialists who can communicate in English.
· Guarantee professional installation, support and dismantling by highly qualified personnel.
· Have a rental fleet of duly maintained high quality products.debidamente mantenidos.
· Have their own store within a radius of 250 km.
· Can supply performance certificates and a portfolio of existing references.
· Have at least five full-time technical specialists
· Have their own vehicle fleet.
· Have been active on the market for at least five years.
· Are capable of offering and billing its services in euros.
· Have a positive Dun & Bradstreet qualification (www.dnb.com).

Avixa is the commercial association that represents the professional audio-visual communication and information industry in the world. From offices all around the world, Avixa serves its members and the industry through:
– Education, including technical and business courses, face-to-face and online. – Resources such as AV standards, market analysis and research.
– Events, from local events to international fairs.
Founded in 1939, Avixa has more than 5,000 members including manufacturers, systems integrators, distributors and traders, independent consultants, programmers, rental and statistics companies, end users and multimedia professionals in more than 80 countries.

Our passion for new technologies and innovation means that we have audio-visual equipment that is unique in the country, such as the curveLED® system, a curtain formed by fine LED tubes whose flexibility allows illuminated surfaces to be made in undulated or curved forms. The pixels can be set up to adopt any shape, allowing large surfaces of light to be created flexibly and creatively.

The tubes are 16 mm in diameter and up to 7.84 m in height. The distance between the pixels in the LED tubes is 40 mm. The curveLED® curtain is also available in a double-sided format.

With its cascade connection system, the curveLED® curtain can be installed in any position, suspended or vertically.

The data are entered in the system through a DVI input. The curveLED® curtain is suitable for filming, easy to use and very effective on television plateaus.


In Cymatic, our concern and ambition for new technologies drives us to bring in the most spectacular top-quality developments, always seeking the best brands and options offered by the market.


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